There are several ways in which you can help us spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ensure children in Uganda Africa are able to attend a Christian School:

One: Word of mouth. Tell others about Jesus Christ and direct them to our website.

Two:  Help us share the vision with your church. As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelist Hendrix is always prepared to bring the uncompromised word of God to all people.

Three: Your direct financial support of Christ Ambassadors Christian School in Uganda Africa. Arise and Shine sponsors between 250 and 300 children who without our financial support would not be able to receive and education. Christ Ambassador Christian School is a certified and recognized school of excellence by the Ministry of Education for Uganda. Our children learn Christian values as well as the required educational subject that allow them to graduate and go to college.

Sponsorship is a must for these children. Most are orphans and the rest live in utter poverty and will never get an education or learn about Christ without your help. Sponsorship fees are $150 each year for students that register for day classes. For many students who do not have safe homes the school fees are $150 per quarter and include room and board.